I have been urinating a goldish color and it has an unpleasant smell. I have also been dieting can. The dieting be the cause for the color and smell?

YES. Dark urine usually means dehydration and concentration of the urine. Some diets result in "spilling ketones" in the urine which can cause dehydration. I see that frequently in "high protein high fat diets". The solution is simple, avoid harsh starvation diets and drink a lot of water while you are dieting. There are 0 calories in wtaer and it fills up your stomach and makes you less hungry.
Diet changes urine. Your urine is a reflection of your diet and metabolism. If you are in an atkins diet with a lot of protein, then your urine will have more bubbles and will be darker yellow. Also foods like asparagus will make your urine smell bad. These can be controlled (and make your kidneys and bladder happier) if you drink plent of water to keep your urine a clear yellow or colorless.