Isit rare to be allergic to ferrous Fumarate? I have to take them for low hemoglobin. I have no known allergies

Rare. But if you're still suspicious, take the first dose in the doctor's office or an ER waiting area, wait for an hour after, if everything is fine and no reaction, just move on, if any problem, then you are in the very place you want to be in this case. Severe reactions, if you're truly allergic, would appear in the first hour after exposure, good luck.

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Prescribed 210mg of Ferrous Fumarate. 1 3 times a day because my hemoglobin is 10, is this fine or to much?

Good dose of iron. This is a good dose for getting maximum benefit. It is essential that your body is low in Iron as shown on blood testing for Iron stores. Once your Hemoglobin(Hb) goes up, the dose of Iron pills can be reduced to 1 tab twice a day. But either dose is fine. Send us your CBC results as we want to know what your MCV result is besides having a low Hb. Read more...