I am 28wks pregnant and need to take a laxative. Are laxatives with sennosides harmful during pregnancy?

Obstetrician. I firmly believe that a pregnant woman should check with her obstetrician before taking any medications and that includes over the counter ones as some products could stimulate uterine contractions although a simple stool softener like colace (docusate sodium) shouldn't be a problem.

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Are there any laxatives that are safe during pregnancy?

Yes. Milk of magnesia, (magnesium hydroxide) senna are safe with pregnancy, i dont recommend them routinely. If you are having constant problems, tell your doctor. Basic things are eating appropriate fiber like vegetables, and drink plenty of water. If you are on iron, ask your doctor if you can decrease or stop the iron. Read more...

Are laxatives safe to use (once or twice a month) during pregnancy?

Laxatives . Most laxatives are what is called category c in pregnancy which means that damage has been seen only in experimental animals but can't tell for sure in humans. One of the safest ones is lactulose which is category b which is better. Anyway, you are better off trying a high fiber diet( fruits, veggies, prune juice) and plenty of water. If it doesn't work consult your OB doc before trying any meds. Read more...