I randomly get weird flashy blind spots in my vision. It starts off small & then gradually gets bigger. It almost looks like zig zag patterns. Help?!

Most likely migraine. Visual events described as wavy, zigzag, saw toothed, jagged, scintillating, often are a result of a migrainal event that has stimulating the visual path in the brain. They may or may not be associated with headache, nausea, vomiting or othe associated symptoms. To be sure, see your eye md for an exam to make sure it isn't a retinal issue. Also, neurologist often rec. treatment of migraines. .
Flashing Spots. Samantha, This sounds like a condition called an ophthalmic migraine. Or an acephalgic migrane. It is not common. This may also represent something going on inside your eye. If the symptoms persist I would seek medical attention.