Episodes of vertigo, tinnitus, fullness in ear. OAE showed left ear damage. Now having ABR test. What can ABR determine aside from acoustic neuroma?

This test. measures the "connection" between the outside (cochlear) hearing organ and the brain itself! It is used for a number of hearing/balance issues besides acoustic neuroma. You should discuss this question with the Health Care Professional who ordered the test....(good advice for ALL MEDICAL TESTING!) Hope this helps! Dr Z.

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ENT said not labyrinthitis, hearing test monday, muffled hearing in my left ear, super scared it's acoustic neuroma. All symptoms except numbness.

Asymmetric hearing. Asymmetric hearing may be due to multiple etiologies: infectious, Meniere's, membrane rupture, autoimmune, medication, tumor. An audiogram followed by an ABR (auditory brainstem response) with asymmetry is reasonable. An MRI may be warranted pending evaluation also. Acoustic neuromas are rare even with the associated symptoms however should be evaluated. Read more...