I am on a easy diet since March. Low Fat, Carb, protein. More salads, fruit/vegs. No fast/fried food, meat/Alc. Only brisk walking. I hv lost 13 lb/4 months. I hv problms with Acid reflux, indigestion, gas, soft stool. Scared if this wgt loss due to ca?

Probably not cancer. Your diet and exercise can explain the weight loss,,but the GI symptoms will,improve with smaller meals and decreasing spice.,several drugs that speed up,the gut or act as antacids can control,these symptoms.mdiscuss this with your family doc as well as why you have jumped the the cancer diagnosis so quickly.
Diets are best. supervised by your doc or a nutritionist. Low fat is not a good way to go. We need good fat such as found in coconut oil, olive oil, fish oil, nuts, etc. Low carb is helpful to many folks, as is your brisk walking. Congrats on your accomplishment but see a professional for safety. Peace and good health.