My pubic hair has changed from being curly to straight, also is now shedding more than in the past. I have scalp hair loss as well, which was diagnosed as telogen effluvium by a term. Now doubting full body alopecia more likely?

Hair loss . If you have noticed hair shedding in the scal and pubic hair straightening go to your primary care physician. May be have to see a dermatologist.
Same thing. Telogen effluvium is likely to affect all the hair on any part of your skin. "Full body" alopecia is not a diagnosis. The important question is to speculate about the reason. Telogen effluvium is caused by something. There are many possible causes.

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Why does telogen effluvium occur after getting over crash diets. Shouldn't the body make hairthicker instead of hair loss when we start eating healthy?

Very common. Any shock to the body (such as a crash diet) can trigger a telogen effluvium by interrupting the body's normal hair growth cycle. As your hair cycle returns to normal, and as you eat healthier, your hair will grow back. Read more...