Itching head /scalp, hair falling out in strands very easily, in shower on pillow, no ringworm signs can see scalp through my hair, balding?

Dermatologist. A dermatologist can evaluate the type of hair loss you're having. He/she may order some blood work including thyroid function tests. If no health issues are found, you may be dealing with genetic predisposition but I recommend that you then consult a hair stylist for advice about your hair care.

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I have had a problem with hair loss for years now it really bad, my scalp itches really bad and its dry hard patches in my scalp that I can't get off!?

Seborrhea . The problem could be a condition called seborrhea , associated with scales and itchiness on. The scalp and eyebrows. In some cases this may be associated with elevated testosterone levels. You should first see a dermatologist. Read more...

I have a dry scalp which itches severe after washing hair. I have hair loss too. I'm planning to use 5% Minoxidil. Can I use Tgel and minox together?

Can use both . T-gel can be used once to twice per week. While Minoxidil must be used twice per day. I can't say if you will have any problems with using them both using that schedule. Of course washing off the Minoxidil every day soon after applying you will not benefit from it even if you are only a washing with water. . Read more...