I've read some recent studies that show Fecal Calprotectin test is very sensitive for detecting IBD. Would you agree?

Yes. As with any sensitive rest it can be too sensitive, but I think as this market is used more it will become the diagnostic marker. I remember when myoglibin was used for CAD detection. It was just too sensitive. However calprorectin is a good marker.

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I've read recent studies showing that fecal calprotectin test is very sensitive for IBD. True? I was only having mild SX compared to usual flare ups.

Not 100% This value is only part of a workup. A test that is super-sensitive usually lacks specificity. The real question is, do you want to be treated for a grim, incurable disease without a pathologist's tissue diagnosis with powerful, pricey meds that can themselves do you serious harm because of a promo for a test that is still not widely accepted? Read more...