My 3 year old son complaints of stomach ache before passing stool? Why?

Gastrocolic reflex. 1) the gastrocolic reflex, one of the physiological reflexes controlling motility of the gastrointestinal tract, works when food stretches the stomach to ?motility of the colon. The urge to poop after a meal feels like a stomach-ache to some kids. 2) gas trapped behind stool distends the intestine, causing pain. Ppi's & some foods can ?gas. Tell his pediatric gastroenterologist your concerns.

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Why is my 3 year old complainting of stomach ache frequently?

Many possibilities. I have a three year old as well, and if my three year old was complaining of stomach pain frequently, i would take her to her pediatrician. This is what i recommend. It may be something simple or complex, but frequent complaints from 3 year old is not normal. Read more...