Y do I have hypertension evenafter stenting?

HTN after stenting. Stenting of what? We cannot read minds here. 1. If renal artery these almost always fail to make BP better unless renin is high from blocked kidney. 2. If heart then may have just picked up BP because of more measurements. 3. If leg artery then prob not related to leg but maybe now have blocked artery to kidney. See 1 above.
Stents do not correc. Stents in coronary arteries do not control Hypertension.Sometimes Stents are used in Renal Artery for Renal Artery Stenosis but it does not always corrects the Hypertension.If your BP is still elevated you will need meds to control your BP.Consult your Doctor.
Stents. Seldom correct HTN ...Even renal stents don't always correct & coronary stents never do.