D&C 2 wks ago have low back pain, tender abdomen, urgency urinating. Dipstick came back positive low white blood cells, could it be PID or just UTI?

Sounds like bladder. It sounds like a bladder infection. PID is not that common after a routine D and C unless STDs such as gonorrhea and chlamydia were present and untreated before the surgery. If you had a urine dip test done then it seems you have seen a doctor for evaluation. Schedule follow up with that doctor for clarification on your diagnosis and treatment.

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How likely is it to have PID after d&c with no fever/discharge? Only bloating & some tender and soreness in abdomen, uti like symptoms & low back pain

Not likely. PID is not particularly common after a D and C unless gonorrhea, chlamydia were present at the time f surgery and were not treated. Schedule a follow up with your surgeon. Have your urine tested for urinary tract infection and they can do an exam to make sure all is well. Read more...