What is the best pain relief for teeth needing root canal work.?

Treatment. Whether your tooth needs operative work, a root canal, periodontal therapy. or extraction, the first step is getting a proper diagnosis and then development of an appropriate dental treatment plan. If yoiu wait too long, the root canal option goes away and extraction becomes the only realistic treatment so please don't delay...
Root canal. The best pain relief would be to have the root canal done. For some short term pain relief until you can see a dentist OTC pain relievers such as ibuprofen can help. .
Pain medication. Have the tooth treated asap by a qualified dentist. Most OTC pain medications (Aleve, Motrin, Advil, (ibuprofen) etc) will be sufficient for pain relief. If you need something stronger you will have to discuss this with your own dentist.
Root Canals. The best pain relief is actually the root canal therapy itself. Pain meds can only do so much, and before long will not work at all. OTC pain meds will help in the short run.
Combination. Cox 2 inhibitor (ketaprofen 75 mg) with extra strength tylenol, 1000mg every 6 hours.
Root canal. therapy or extraction. NSAIDS and antibiotics for short term control.
See Dentist. You can take OTC painkillers for the pain. The best pain relief would be to take out the nerve on the tooth needing the root canal. See your dentist for treatment.
Ibuprofen/Tylenol. I'm seeing relief of moderate to severe pain relief using the combination of ibuprofen and extra strength tylenol. It could take the place of narcotics. Please check with your physician or dentist before dosing yourself.
Root canal. This is like having a splinter in your finger, and asking how to make the pain stop... actually remove the source. Up until the appointment take anti-inflammatories.
Speak with DDS. Usually an anti-inflammatory is the best, speak with your dentist about your specific concerns.