I was in a forest area last night and got about 5 or 6 mosquito bites. Wat are the chances of getting west nile or zika? I live in cook county, Illinois

IN 2018 - very low. Per the CDC, provisional data as of October 31, 2018 showed 2 cases of zika virus in Illinois. REF: https://www.cdc.gov/zika/reporting/2018-case-counts.html , Per the Illinois Department of Public Health: "Currently, the only Zika virus cases in Illinois are travel associated." The Aedes aegypti mosquito (primary vector) is rare in Illinois.
Yes and No. There are mosquitoes carrying West Nile virus in the Chicago or Cook County areas, but the chances of an individual person getting infected by the virus or of getting a symptomatic infection from the virus, are not known. Yes, one can catch it, but the CDC reported 72 cases for Illinois 2015, which is not a big number. As for Zika, it is not yet in Chicago or Cook County mosquitoes.