Diagnosed GAD/ADHD/OCD years ago. Suicidal/homicidal ideation/daily mood swings since beginning new BC pill. Hyper aware of environment, no hallucinations. I don't think I want to hurt anyone, but often question/obsess over it. SCARED of schizo...?

See doctor asap. You need to immediately get your doctor and get help. Do not wait vgo yo emergency room if necessary .
Go to the ER. Sometimes hormone pills, esp, those that have progesterone can cause mood swings, depression, SI and even HI. If you are having these symptoms, definitely go to the nearest ER. You should stop the med and notify the prescribing Dr. so he or she can discuss other contraceptive options w/ you.
See a doctor stat. And stop reading on the net about any disease if you can, you will only get worse, go to your doctor/ER.
Address new problem! The onset of mood swings & suicidal ideation related to new BC pill strongly suggests that they are related.
You need to discuss with your OBGYN and also see a psychiatrist AN alternate BC may be in order and if psychiatric symptoms persist then they should be addressed by psychiatric treatment . Of course you never should minimize any suicidal/homicidal thoughts. Discuss with doctor immediately.