Little red bumps that are itchy and itch and burn on my inner thighs?

?hives. These may be hives caused by an allergic reaction to something internal or external. Taking an antihistamine should help, but detective work is needed to find what you're reacting to. They may also be insect bites. Check for these. If you need further help, a dermatologist or allergist should be helpful.

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Do I have herpes symptoms? I have HPV and have had warts. However I haven't had them in 3 years. I started to notice one and now I am very itchy (only at night) and noticed after itching I have red bumps that look like razor burn. I haven't had sex in 2 m

The . The description you give is not consistent with herpes, but it is still possible. Visit your doctor for an examination. If the area in question has resolved, you can request a herpes blood test that checks for antibodies for herpes type 1 & 2. If you are positive for type 2 then you have been exposed to genital herpes at some point. If the rash is still present then your doctor may be able to tell you if it is herpes or not by his/her clinical exam. Good luck. Read more...