I often have much mucus (white/ yellowish brown jelly type)wth stool. Utmost rarely i'v seen traces of blood (with mucus)in stool. No pain. A lot of farting. Stool is very soft, unformd & brownish. 2-3 moves/day. No change in bowel habit. Blood HB Ok. CA?

Ask your doctor. to do a stool culture &check blood in stool too. You won't know until you go. Also make sure your diet is 'clean;' no fried foods, processed, dairy, wheat, sugars, sodas, desserts & other irritating foods. Your colon health is critical.You're 2 young to have CA, but you could have irritable bowel or inflammatory bowel disease if you let it go. So check it out & feel better! Probiotics will help.
Colitis. This is colitis and may be simply mucus colitis which would respond to avoiding harsh roughage and taking kaopectate (kaolin and pectin). However the presence of red blood raises the possibility of an inflammatory bowel disease like ulcerative colitis. Another possibility is the presence of hemorrhoids as the cause of the blood. A gastroenterologist is best qualified to evaluate and treat you.