Can insect bites cause a seizure?

Never seen one. I've been following/treating kids for more than 3 decades and never saw it happen. I suppose if a kid is seizure prone any stress might put them over the edge.

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Can insect bites cause a seizure in an adult? I got bit by lots of mosquitos one bite on lip swole then had my 1st and only seizure (Grand mal)

Lots of variables. First, are you allergic to the anticoagulant the mosquito employs? Second, was the little bugger carrying a viral infection, such as West Nile? Thirdly, was it a coincidence and your seizure had a different cause? See a neurologist, and uncover answers. Likely you need to be taking an anti-epileptic medication. Also, no driving, activities at heights, using power equipment, etc. Read more...