Headache above eye and nose, had blurred vision in my left eye for about 15 minutes, the clear. Could this be ocular migraine? Right eye ok

Headache. Yes it could be a migraine. Did you have nausea? Would get eye angles checked for narrow angles and eye pressures and optic nerve checked to be sure all ok. See http://youtu.be/UHfYHXYsV_E Consult with us about migraine diet recommendations: see http://eyedoc2020.blogspot.com/2014/02/migraine-diet-recommended-and-not.html.

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Had first ocular migraine last week. Also have had a dull headache on top right portion of head. Comes and goes, feels better now when I lay down.?

Sure it's migraine? Any new onset migraine should be evaluated by a clinician. Normally a migraine with aura shouldn't linger for days. You should also have your blood pressure checked when you are up and about with headache and when you lie down. And possibly also have your ocular pressures checked to be sure the "ocular migraine" isn't glaucoma. It may be just migraine, but need to rule out other possibilities. Read more...