How can I calm my asthma at night. And in the morning when I wake up I get asthma attacks and I haven't been able to sleep?

Need better control. This is a sign the asthma is not being well controlled.You need to be on controller inhalers --either inhaled steroids or combination of steroids plus long acting beta agonists and need rescue inhalers only as needed--albuterol or others.You should see your dr and discuss this.
Asthma. You doctor has to determine the type of asthma you have, how persistent and severe it is. There are different agent to use. Albuterol is a rescue med, but it seems you need maintenance (daily) meds to prevent attacks so you don't have to use albuterol.
Adequate treatment. 1.Needs asthma in better control with long acting bronchodilator with inhaled steroids and rescue medication and other appropriate management. 2. See your doctor and adjust treatment . If needed see pulmonologist. 3 once asthma improve sleep will improve 4. If you know exacerbating factors that can make asthma worse then avoid them. Good luck.