Have chronic elevated WBC's, ANA titer and blood compliments, 1st rheumy said SLE, 2nd disagrees, I need answers. Have had ALL kinds of labs done.

How do you FEEL? I agree with Dr. Vu. You may be perfectly healthy and this is simply you. The real question is not, "Do you have lupus?" but "Do we need to put you on some kind of medication to make you feel . function better?" High WBC and especially high complement levels aren't usually a sign of lupus. Best wishes.
Abnormal labs values. A persistent elevated wbc count, coupled with fluctuating ANA titers, and elevated complements titer sometimes can be seen in otherwise healthy patients. Once other hematologic causes are ruled out such as chronic leukemias then those patients need reassurance and follow-up once a year. SLE diagnosis need to meet certain criterias such as serositis, oral ulcers, arthritis, photosensitivity.