I have fatigue issues. I am always sleepy and my energy level is way to low for my age. What can I do to have more energy and not get tired so fast?

Depression fatigue. Symptoms of chronic fatigue could also mask underlying depression. I agree with dr. Proffitt that you need to have comprehensive medical workup done first in order to rule out any underlying medical conditions, including anemia, hypothyroidism, or even a condition called "chronic fatigue syndrome". If "medically cleared", i would suggest that you talk to a psychiatrist for diagnostic evaluation.
Get examination. You don't state your age. One would need to rule out several things. A TSH for low thyroid is important. A blood count for anemia is important. A general exam to rule out other correctable causes is important. Ignoring these symptoms and treating for unknown causes is often not a good thng to do. One can mask the symptoms of serious disease that could be treated. Just get checked out.
Excessive sleepiness. You are describing excessive sleepiness, a symptoms with many causes: not getting enough time in bed, sleep apnea, narcolepsy, idiopathic hypersomnia, depression, anything that significantly impairs sleep (restless legs syndrome, periodic limb movement disorder, insomnia for any reason), alcohol or drugs, withdrawal from stimulant drugs or medicines, etc. See a sleep medicine specialist.
Depends on cause. Tons of things can cause chronic tiredness, some medical and some psychiatric. See your family doctor to rule off medical issues and if all is well, see a psychiatrist. No one likes feeling tired all the time and there is help out there.
Fatigue. This requires a thorough medical evaluation for endocrine and autoimmune diseases and mood disorders.