Exam of Seminal Fluid V 3ml Total Count 78000000 T motility30% Progressive motility5% Total Abnormal Forms45% Round Cells 120, 000 Red Blood Cells1-2

Seminal Fluid. Normal: 20,000,000 or more sperm per mL . A total ejaculate volume of 80 million At least 50% should be motile one hour after ejaculation More than 14% should have normal heads - whereby greater than 50% of those cells examined must be normal Motility is the percentage of moving sperm in a sample and graded based on speed and direction travelled., moving forward in a straight line with good speed. The progression of the sperm, best measured using an automated system, is rated on a basis from zero (no motion) to 4, with 3-4 representing good motility. If less than half of the sperm are motile, a stain is used to identify the percentage of dead sperm. This is called a sperm viability test. Agglutination of sperm occurs when sperm stick together in a specific and consistent manner (head to head, tail to tail, etc.) suggesting an immunologic cause to infertility. Clumping of sperm in a nonspecific manner may be due to bacterial infection or tissue contamination.