I missed my period last month. I still dont have it. Had unprotected sex and took plan b Two days later my breast felt slightly sore. No other signs?

When in doubt. just check pregnancy test. And if you are still not bleeding normally and second pregnancy test was negative, check it again in 1 week. Having unprotected intercourse during ovulation time is just waiting to conceive. Without further information, it is difficult to tell. And Plan B is known to have failed before. Thanks for trusting in HealthTap.

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Plan b a month ago then unprotected sex a few days after. Now no period, very tender breast, light spotting but negative hpt?

Time and technique. Home pregnancy test should be done 4-5 days after a missed period. Use first morning urine and follow the instructions in the kit carefully. You may wish to repeat the test. If you do not wish to be pregnant, please use contraception regularly and not rely on plan B. Read more...