"For patients with a narrowing of an artery between 50% and 99%, it is recommended that surgery to remove the plaque carotid endarterectomy, " True?

Complex. There is recent data suggesting that medication management may be as successful as surgery in stroke prevention, and there is another surgical intervention called stenting. Since patients vary and may do best with different approaches, get a few opinions prior to deciding the ultimate l pathway.

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Clopidogrel for TIA versus Or Surgery for Female 75 If Carotid Artery over 70% Occluded with a Surgeon with High Volumes of Carotid endarterectomy?

Get 2nd opinion . Other than medical therapy (which would be dual anti platelet + statin) and endartectomy, there is also catheter based treatment option (that is thrombectomy and stenting) in the hands of an experienced intwrvwntional cardiologist. Without knowing more about the plaque morphology, hard to advise. Carotid endartectomy is high risk vascular surgery. Pls obtain opinion U.S.interventional cardiologist. Read more...