I'm majorly itchy in my entire private area (urethra to anus). I've been treating an anal fissure & don't know if its from that or a yeast infection?

Can be both. If you have had any raw skin in these areas for more than 3 days, yeast can cling to and trigger a rash or itching.Poo is naturally in your poo and can take the opportunity of irritated or raw skin from any reason to set up new living quarters. Twice a day anti-fungal cream may help.

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I had yeast infection. Took monistat. It went away but my perineum is stil itchy and blistered is this normal? My anus is a little itchy too. What to do?

Allergy? Herpes? A blstering rash in this part of the body always raises the possibility of genital herpes, and herpes sometimes is initially misdiagnosed as yeast. Or just severe yeast that needs more or different treatment. Or maybe you an allergic reaction to the monistat cream. Don't take chances: see your doctor for professional evaluation. Good luck! Read more...