I will only have1or2periods a year. When I do have1there normal. I am not on birth control of any kind? Guesses any1? ;

See doctor. You are probably not ovulating, or releasing an egg, every month. This can be due to a number of medical conditions. You should see your doctor for an exam and probably some lab work. Not only can your infrequent periods make it hard to get pregnant, it could be the result of a treatable medical problem and/or increase your risk of future medical problems if left untreated.
Oligomenorrhea. Causes can be exercise-induced, peri-menopause, premature ovarian failure (pof), auto-immune, or anovulation from various medical conditions. Your doc can do some simple blood tests to help you figure out why. If you have high levels of estrogen, this could lead to endometrial hyperplasia (pre-cancerous uterine lining). Best to get checked.