I had abdominal bloating/fatigue/feeling full quickly about a week ago. Next began pain in my mid back, that has gotten worse. No urinary symptoms.?

ER NOW. Your symptoms are suggestive of either gllbladder disease or pancreatic/stomch illnbess and requires immediate evaluation, ultrasound, blood testing and possibly a CT scan. Pleae go directly to the ER.

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Low back pain, mid back pain, frequent urination, bloating and pain in Upper abdomen, feeling full without eating much, breast pain. What can this be?

Check for pregnancy . If you are still getting your periods, this may be premenstrual symptoms, but given your age and symptoms you describe you should get a pregnancy test. If you're not pregnant, consider checking for a urine infection. Back pain may be due to musculoskeletal strains too from lifting heavy items, trauma, sleep disturbances, etc.. Read more...