I have stiffness in my right neck and shoulder in the middle of the curve that has been there for some years...I also have tingling I n my right leg, arm and face...the tingling increases as I massage my neck curve? Any ideas? Type of doctor?

R/O DISC DISEASE. Your description of the pain sounds neuropathic in nature . You need a full exam and focused Neuro exam. Full lab tests including TFTS /Vit b12/Vit d/ Lyme disease. If symptoms persist & If reflexes are weak or foot drop is present. Mri of cervical spine is needed to rule out arthritis /herniated disc or mass effect. .
Common problem. It sounds like you may have the proverbial "pinched nerve" in your cervical spine. Could be due to degenerative disc disease or a few other conditions. I would first suggest that you consult with an osteopathic physician {D.O.). He/she will examine you & will order imaging studies. The D.O. will then decide if osteopathic TX will help or give you a referral to an orthopedic surgeon.