Heart echo echo ekg holter and 1month event monitor normal. Having skipped beats and chest tightness. Whats causing it. Skipped beats notrecoded on event?

Ask details. Were there isolate atrial or ventricular premature beats on the Holter. Even if there were, if they are infrequent and if a stress-echo test was normal, it sounds as though everything indicates nothing serious. Simply continue to monitor symptoms and, if symptoms worsen, repeat monitoring.

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I'm 17 I have tightness in my chest when I lay down. I feel like my heart skips a beat a lot of times. Had a heart monitor, EKG, and ultrasound normal?

Palpitations. Your test results are reassuring in that they don't show any structural heart disease. Your heart monitor didn't demonstrate any abnormal beats, but if you didn't have any palpitations while wearing a 24 hour monitor, you could wear a loop monitor which records your heart rhythm for weeks and if no dysrhythmia is seen during your complaints, then you will be more reassured. Chest tightness noncard. Read more...

I'm 21 with tachycardia issue, had an echo, ekgs, cardiac CT angiogram, bloods, chest ct, 24hr holter. Keep getting sweaty and tight in the chest and sometimes skipped beats eating dinner. Causes?

Brain ≈ Heart Rate. Without brain input, heart rate ~110 bpm. Heart, (like rest of our body) & heart rate constantly split second controlled from brain. Vagal acetylcholine release slows rate, sympathetic adrenaline/noradrenaline release increases rate. Fear/anger/stress (subconscious), high thyroid hormone, low heart output (for whatever reasons) & re-entry circuits are common reasons for rapid heart rate. Read more...