I have thick dark yellow snot boogers with blood in it along with body aches and dizziness should I be concerned? No cough no stuffy nose no runny no

Depends. If these symptoms have been present for just a few days, it is likely from a viral infection. However if the symptoms gets worse or you develop a fever >102 degree, you should see your doctor If the nasal discharge remains green or become dark brown after 10 days, a sinus infection will need to be ruled out.

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I have a stuffy nose, cough, with some sneezing, and yellow/gray phlegm. No body aches, doesn't bother me to lean forward/downward. Cold or allergies?

Sounds like a cold. This sounds like a cold and possibly even a bacterial infection. Rest, drink a lot of liquids and you can use neti pot. If your symptoms are not improving in next 1-2 days or start to worsen see your doctor. Read more...