I got a positive pregnancy test, but I have no symptoms. My last pregnancy was a blighted ovum (no pg symptoms) before that I miscarried from turner's syndrome (had pg symptoms) is this a bo again?

You can't tell. You cannot tell whether or not this is a blighted ovum just based on the presence or absence of pregnancy symptoms. May women will have more symptoms in one healthy pregnancy versus another healthy pregnancy. Your doctor can perform an ultrasound at 6-7 weeks that can confirm whether or not there is a properly developing pregnancy. Good luck!
Symptoms not suggest. Early pregnancy symptoms can vary from patient to patient and from pregnancy to pregnancy. I suggest you get early medical attention for your pregnancy. A fetus can be seen very early with modern ultrasounds. If a fetus and a heart beat are seen then you don't have blighted ovum. As far as chromosomal abnormalities those can be detected by cvs or amniocentisis.