I breath two or more three times then pause then breat again idk what is going on my upper teeth are reallt sore to. I'm afraid if I sleel ill just stop breathing bc of the pausing?

Again,you're not. going to stop breathing. It is automatic,and driven by parts of your brain. Nothing will stop your breathing.Why don't you beleive me?
Please consult. with your PCP as soon as you can for proper diagnosis and treatment recommendations. Also get a consult from your dentist...
See below. If you have a breathing issue, see your primary care MD for a possible referral to lung specialist. If your teeth are bothering you, contact your dentist.
Seek treatment. See your General Physician about your breathing. See your General Dentist about sore teeth. May need specialist referrals, but you won't know until you get over your apprehensions and seek professional help.