Is a watery vaginal discharge in a menopausal women normal? No pain, itch or bad odor, just annoying. It's been going on for 7 days now.

Various reasons. Vaginal discharge requires an examination to determine the cause and treatment. Bacterial vaginosis is the most common cause and often has a vaginal odor. Vaginal itching can be a sign of a yeast infection. Sometimes vaginal discharge can be a sign of a sexual transmitted infection. After menopause hormone deficiency can cause vaginal discharge as well.

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Symptoms: white watery vaginal discharge, sometimes itches, sometimes has a foul smell but only when on clothing can you smell it, what could this be?

Vaginitis . This could be a simple bacterial vaginosis or a cervicitis or even a fallopian tube cancer. Hydrops tuba profluens is a sign of tubal cancer which is a watery foul smelling vaginal discharge. Bottom line you need to be evaluated by your dr and do not dismiss the condition. Read more...