21yrs old having frothy urine for 3yrs. No diabetes or hypertension. No other symptoms. Do I have CKD?? My doc laughed me off & refused an urinalysis.

Frothy urine. Frothy urine most often does not connote urinary tract abnormalities. However, for peace of mind, I see no harm in having a urinalysis with a microscopic examination as well to rule out any pathology.

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21yr old no diabetes or hypertension having frothy urine for 3yrs. No other symptoms. I drink 6.5l waters a day. What are the chances I have CKD??

Stop worry for now.. Seeing frothy urine may suggest high protein or / & sugar in urine but not confirmative; so do not worry. But for life reality, be checked with history, urinalysis, and blood testing creatinine so to assure where your renal function stands at present, and repeat them in 6-12 months and in 24 months. If stable, you are fine. More? Contact www.HealthTap.com/dr-Lin with RQPWJC to login. Read more...

21yr male no diabetes or hypertension. I drink 6.5l/day having frothy urine for 3yrs. No other symptoms. Do I have CKD? Help! Really scared

Need Urine Test. Breathe. A high protein diet could lead to some protein in urine, but what you need is a urine test to measure protein and albumin along with a blood test for albumin in blood along with kidney function. Read more...