What over the counter treatments are there for urinary tract infections?

None... Do you really have UTIs? If so, is it diagnosed by urinary symptoms (Sx) alone or by Sx + urinalysis/ urine culture? There has been no OTC antibiotics for UTI, but nowadays, the OTC pill containing cranberry extract has been touted to suppress UTI-related bugs, and phenazopyridine-containing pill may help sooth urinary irritation. So, no real antibiotics avails for UTI in the US.

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Are there any new treatments for urinary tract infections in men?

Not really. Cipro, (ciprofloxacin) as an antibiotic is often used as a first line antibioticmore often rather than sulfonamides, trimethoprim-sulfa, Amoxicillin or nitrofurantoin.. Lasers are used to treat bladder stones or many obstructive conditions if they are resonsible in causing utis. Ultrasound bladder scanners are used to diagnosed post-void residuals rather TAH using a catheter. Thats about it. Read more...

At nursing homes which are predisposing factors for urinary tract infections?

Post menopause/cathe. These are the predisposing factors for fecurrent UTI in nursing home 1 post menopausal women, as most in nursing home are postmenopausal 2 urinary incontinance is another factor and common in nursing homes 3 antibiotic use which kills the good bacteria which is protective 4 allergy to soaps, vaginal creams or other chemicals used in the genital area can predispose to utis 5 catheters use in men bph. Read more...