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I'm 29 years old, I have mild MVP with trivial mitral regurgitation. Can I do gym exercise like weight lifting.?

Probably. It sounds like you sure could, particularly if your doctor did not specifically tell you to restrict your activities. Probably the safest thing would be to check with your doctors office as they are most familiar with your condition.

Last month I was diagnosed with mild MVP and trivial mitral regurgitation. Everything else normal. Can I continue my weight lifting exercises in gym?

Choices & will drive. Hydraulic valve loads high while doing each & every lift. During the lift, varying with technique/strategy, both pulmonary & system BP's dramatically ↑, in turn increasing blood pressure differential on all the valve leaflets. The ↑ed pressure drives any prolapse & leaks. Avoid any breath holding (narrowing of vocal cords); bad technique for health. Also get & closely inspect all the echo videos.

I'm 21 years old, I have mild MVP with mild mitral regurgitation. Can I do gym exercise like weight lifting.?

Yes. Use your symptoms as an indicator of your "breathlessness". You ought to stay in shape as anyone ought to of your age -- weightlifting and aerobic exercise is fine. Keeps heart in good shape and lowers peripheral resistance.

Iam having mild mvp with mild mitral regurgitation. How much will be my life span. Does I will die soon. Thankyou?

Mvp. The overwhelming majority of patients like yourself will never be affected by this condition. Get an echo periodically to see if it had progressed.
Long life likely. One should have regular cardiology checkups and echocardiogram s. If there is worsening, medication or surgery with valve repair or replacement become options. People live, and live well, for a long time.

I am 27 and have just been diagnosed with trivial mitral regurgitation but no mention of mvp on my echocardiogram results. Is this likely progress?

No. Unlikely. Trivial mr is of no concern and is extremely common. Mr is only an issue when the regurgitant volume affects cardiac performance and physiology such that the heart enlarges or weakens under the strain of an inefficient pump, wherein blood regurgitates back into the left atrium. Over time that can enlarge and weaken the muscle. That is extremely unlikely to occur w trivial mr w/o mvp/abnl valve.
Don't worry. Trivial mitral regurgitation is just that - trivial. Do not worry too much about this very common finding. Just file the knowledge away, and if you ever have another echo (which you just might never need) you and your doctor can see if there has been any change. In all likelihood there won't be.

Do you think I can go to gym if I have a mild mitral valve prolapse with trivial mitral regurgitation?

Yes go to gym. Contact your Internist and Cardiologist and ask them if you are medically clear to engage in gym activities. Mild and trivial heart murmurs are common. Unless your doctors specifically told you not to exercise there is no barrier to exercise in my opinion. In fact there are multiple studies suggesting exercise is beneficial. Start by going to the American Heart Association for recommendations!
Absolutely! The most important thing for you be far, right now, is not to think of yourself as a cardiac cripple, or as disadvantaged in any way. Staying in good cardiovascular shape may even prevent you from having annoying rhythm problems that can attend mitral valve prolapse. By all means, give it your best and enjoy the rewards -- one of the finest gifts you can gift yourself.

I have mild mitral valve prolapse with trivial mitral regurgitation. Can I do kapalbhati pranayama for 30 minutes daily in morning on empty stomach?

It should not be. A problem for your cardiac status but confirming this with your health care professional would be advisable since there may be things he/she knows about your health that you have not revealed here.

I have mild mitral valve prolapse with trivial mitral regurgitation. Everything else normal Can I do kapalbhati pranayama daily for 30 minutes?

Mitral prolapse. Mild mitral prolapse with trivial valvular regurgitation (leaking) is unlikely to cause any future health problems. No specific treatment would be required, and no limitations on exercise or other activities would be prescribed based on this finding. Kapalbhati pranayama and other yoga practices are fine. This cardiac finding would not stop you from training to run a marathon if you wanted.