Can parvovirus b19 cause abnormal blood tests (anti dsdna ~30, low c3, low platelets) for 12 months after virus? Rheum says not sle since no phys symp

No. Depite classic features of sle, your serologies suggest it. Low platelets or thrombocytopenia is a major feature of sle. But a parvo b19 infection would not cause the abnormal tests you have.I would place you on hydroxychloroquine, nonethless, to see if your tests improve.

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Should I worry about repeat abnormal blood tests if no phys symptoms? Anti-dsdna 24-34, low c3, low platelets 133k. Rheum says not sle & not worry.

Follow up needed! Good morning, the test results suggests some immune reaction or immune hyperactivity, but not enough to worry about. These may return to normal or get higher in numbers. Follow up by your doctor is suggested. Read more...