Can I give my baby pain killers without checking first with the doctor?

No. If your baby is in severe pain and there is no known cause, it is best to contact your doctor's office for advice. He or she may have an ear infection or something more serious may be going on. The younger the infant, the more likely your doctor may want to see him or her for an office visit to determine the cause of the pain.
No! That is a terrible idea! do mot give the baby any medication without talking to the pediatrician first.
Yes. Tyelnol is safe virtually from birth, though we don't want it given until 2 months so as not to mask fever, and Ibuprofen is safe after 6 mo. If you know why your child under 2 mo. Is in pain, and there is no serious damage (e.g. Clipped a cuticle cutting nails), you can give tylenol (acetaminophen). If you are unsure of dosage though, then you should contact your doctor first.