Can cervical neck pain and lower back pain symptoms along with numbness in ring and pinky finger on left hand, be an underlying symtom of something?

Cubital tunnel. Entrapment of the ulnar nerve at the elbow (funny bone) is common. Usually aggravated with bending of elbow: while sleeping, working at desk, driving a car, all of which we tend to flex the elbow and create increased tension on the ulnar nerve. Try sleeping with straight arms, avoid postures that flex the arms during the day. You're awfully young for neck probs, but possible.
Yes - spinal cord c. Could be a c6-7 disc bulge but it could also be from multiple causes. It also could be nerve involvement at other sites. See your doctor.

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High cervical neck and lower back pain worse the last week. Numbness in left pinky and ring fingers also donw leg can this cause nausea hurts to look?

Probably unrelated. Chances are, your neck and low back pains are probably unrelated. Numbness in the left pinky/ring fingers could be due to an ulnar nerve impingement vs a c7/c8 radiculopathy. Numbness down the leg could be caused by a pinched lumbar nerve root. Severe pain of any type can cause nausea. I would recommend further evaluation with a physician. Read more...

I am experiencing finger swelling, neck pain and low back pain. The following also describe me: Back pain, Neck strain, Headache. What should I do?

See a doctor. With new onset symptoms of swelling and pain, get an evaluation by a doctor to help evaluate and create a treatment plan for your issues,. Read more...