Veneers are good for front 80% broken tooth? Or resin bonding?

Should be crown. If 80% of the tooth is missing your best solution is a full crown probably with a buildup to replace some missing tooth structure for a better base to hold the crown. A veneer is not recommended and resin bonding would be a temporary restoration at best.
See a dentist. The choice of the prosthetic is dictated by a number of different factors that are evaluated during an exam. Your bite, depth of fracture, bone support, and position of the tooth all play a role. Bonding would not be my material of choice in replacing 80% of a missing tooth. The material is just not that strong.
At least a Crown! If the tooth still has good bone support and health gums, at the very least i would recommend a crown. Anything less and you are probably just throwing you money away, especially for bonding. It's hard to make these calls without actually seeing your mouth clinically along with some x-rays of the area. Your dentist can give you the best advise (hopefully).
80% is a lot. If 80% is gone, you may need a build up, retained by posts, pins, and/or root canal on top of that...A bonding would definitely not be long term.
Neither possibly. 80% is an awful amount of tooth loss. A composite filling is only recommended when there is up to 50% or less of tooth loss. As you asked in your last question and the # was 25% which is ok for a composite. Depending on the tooth loss whether it is horizontally missing or circumferential makes a difference. I would have to see the tooth, but you may end up with a crown and possible nerve exposure.
See your dentist. After evaluating health history, current dental health, and the condition of a patient's enamel, a dentist can make an informed decision regarding a placement of proper restoration. See your dentist ASAP.
Broken tooth. Resin bonding can provide immediate repairs, however, they are not as strong/duable as a laboratory fabricated custom porcelain restoration.
Veneer or crown. Thank you for posting your question. The tooth was grossly fractured. Resin bonding will not provide enough strength and durability to chewing force. Veneer is a better choice. However, your dentist will have to evaluate the condition of your tooth and bite to decide a veneer or a crown should be used to restore it. Hope this helps and good luck!

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