What do I give a child who is vomiting?

Emetrol & Pedialyte. Pedialyte is an excellent way to replace fluids, calories and electrolytes in an easily tolerated form. Protracted vomiting may lead to ketosis which can be rectified with emetrol, available otc. If you doctor approves, start with 5-10 ml every 15 minutes, repeat x 4. Don't eat or drink anything 15 min before or after the emetrol to avoid further vomiting, then resume pedialyte-5-10 ml/10 min.
Pedialyte. Pedialyte or other oral rehydration solution can be used to treat most kids with vomiting and dehydration. By using small amount of oral rehydration at a time you can replace as much or more than we do with ivs in the hospital. Try 5-15 ml at a time (tsp-tbsp) every 5-10 minutes up to about 50 ml/kg over 4 hours. This translates to about a tsp per pound per hour for four hours.