Sodium low&cortisol highi& fatigue&weight loss. Clear CT scan in Apr15. Symptoms persisted CT scan in Feb 16 clear. Could CT missed SCLC. Repeat scan?

Look outside lung. Yes CT scans can miss SCLC, especially if the scan is not a 'high resolution' scan with sufficient overlap. However, with 2 negative scans, you should look outside the lung. Head & neck cancers and esthesioneuroblastoma (tumor of nerves that sense smell) can cause this symptom pattern. Though rarer, SCLC can occur outside the lung, as well. A PET scan or whole body bone scan could help. TTYD.

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Had weight loss, fatigue, low sodium 131 slightly high cortisol. CT scan clear 1year after start of symptoms. Could CT have missed SmallCellLungCancer?

See your doctor. There a many reasons to explain a measured plasma sodium level. Small cell lung cancer is one potential cause, but not at all among the most common causes. Would recommend a full evaluation by a nephrologist who will take your medical and social histories and request initial blood and urine tests. Best of luck. Read more...