What would cause free kappa &free lamba to be high but ratio normal also Immunoglobulin M, Qn, Serum high. Platelets steady rising & WBC high for 1yr?

Polyclonal gammopath. Something is stimulating all the B cell lines to produce a lot of antibodies. That general condition is called polyclonal gammopathy. It can be caused by a chronic infection (virus) or 9 other broad categories of causes (liver problems, connective tissue diseases, bone marrow disorder like Waldenstrom's, drugs/meds, autoimmune probs, misc). It's too much to go into here. Use Healthtap Prime to tal.
Hematologist. A hematologist is best qualified to answer your question. Your findings suggest monoclonal spike in the electrophoresis and some sort of bone marrow proliferative disorder.