I have a herniated disk, what medications are best used to treat this until surger. I'm curious. What I'm on makes my heart hurt. I dislike narcotics.?

Various. If you've failed pain injections and are waiting for surgery, you may want to speak to your doctor about non-narcotic medications. These can be pain specific, like tramadol, or nerve specific, like gabapentin. Muscle relaxants may also help, or anesthetic patches, like Lidocaine patches. Talk to your doc about nsaids, but they may need to be stopped before surgery. Good luck.
See pain specialist. 30% of general population has herniated disk but no symptoms. If you are having shooting pains that come from your back and go into your leg or legs you have a symptomatic herniation that is pushing on the nerve. Talk to your doctor about seeing a pain management specialist, to see if epidural injections could be an option for you before deciding on surgery. Chest pain should see pcp.