I have new raised bumps thats very close to one another after I've performed permarithin treatment for scabies. Am I still infected?

You could be. Scabies is becoming resistant to permethrin, so I would repeat the treatment,to be sure they are gone. If this does not work,there is a new medication for scabies to which the organism is not resistant. Remember to wash all towels and bedclothes in hot water. I hope this helps!
It's possible. You could still be infected but you may have some other type of bug bite. Bed bugs like to bite in groups. If it's scabies, you may have to do another treatment with permethrin or try ivermectin. Also make sure your bedding and clothes you recently wore have been washed with hot water. You can also put your clothes in garbage bags for 24-48 hours (some people even recommend up to a week).