40yo, no allergies, blood, skin prick, masto, carcinoid negative. No anxiety. Skin hot flushing on face, neck, arms, eyes itch after eating, is it GI?

Histamine related. These symptoms could be due to histamine release from certain foods, especially if only occurring after eating. Some people are more sensitive to histamine than others.

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Bad flushing neck, face, arms after eating. No common triggers. Blood and food allergy test neg, mastocytosis neg, carcinoid neg, I'm going crazy, why?

Flushing after meal. I know it is very frustrating but please continue to be a good detective to find out what is happening. A more sensitive food sensitivity panel may help. See Great Plains Laboratory in Texas website. They have an excellent one. Stick w/your doc and consider a second option. Peace and good health. Read more...