What is prinzmetals angina?

Prinzmetal's angina. Prinzmetal's angina is chest pain due to spasm of coronary arteries, which tends to occur in young women. It can be triggered by drugs like Cocaine or cigarette smoking or associated with blood vessel spasm of other parts of the body like raynaud’s phenomenon involving upper extremities.
Prinzmetal's angina. it means chest pain caused by decreased blood flow to the heart from spasm of the blood vessels supplying the heart.
Coronary spasm. Coronary artery spasm can be associated with eNOS T786C heterozygosity or homozygosity, which, when conventional calcium channel blockers and nitrates fail to work, can be reversed by over the counter L arginine 9 g/day.
Prinzemetal's. Described as angina from spasm usually spontaneous of a coronary accompanied by specific ekg changes and without coronary artery blockage.

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What is the treatment for prinzmetal angina?

Long acting nitrates. typically long acting nitrates and calcium channel blockers. In cases with eNOS T786C hetero or homozygosity, over the counter L arginine 9g/day is often very therapeutic. Read more...