What are possible outcomes after a stroke and chronic seizures and no relief from seizure meds? Gma is sedated and not responding to meds. 1 week now.

It depends. on several factors. The effects of a stroke depends on its size & location. There are dozens of stroke syndromes from mild to devastating. You give no specifics. Also "chronic seizures" is vague. She is "not responding [how is she not responding?] to meds [what meds?]" Also unclear is the significance of her being sedated. An answer to your post requires more & more coherent information.
Comments. First, I find 2 anti-depressant meds, and no anti-epileptics. If the medications are causing sedation, she is experiencing adverse effects, and since seizures are continuing, she is NOT responding. Time to be very assertive and have her doctor readjust current regimen. Since her stroke, she should be on preventative intervention to prevent future strokes, and discuss seizure meds.