What does: Septated upper pole right renal cyst. Right kidney contains multi septated cyst, 4.5cm in size. May contain punctate calcification. - mean?

A single cyst. The cyst you have is not a simple cyst but a septate cyst ,that means the cyst space inside is divided into multiple small spaces from by of bands of tissue. Calcification in the cysts is common from concretions from long standing fluid inside the cysts. But as the cyst if 4.5 cm, just be it monitored with help of US once in every yr-2 yrs to r/o cancer development.Look for pain,blood in urine.
Your doctor to monit. You have a benign looking fluid filled growth in your right kidney. Most likely it has been there for long and has been asymptomatic. So it is important for you to tell us why did you have the test that showed this cyst...do you have any abdominal symptoms to require medical attention?